Baggage repair service is the technical repairing for the damaged baggage of the airlines passengers.

          ABS is servicing at international airports which has high capacity passenger and flights. ABS is a guaranteed repair service when the passenger’s baggage damaged and the aim is to satisfy Airline’s passengers and not to face them with any difficulties about their baggage. This helps the airlines passenger's satisfaction.
  • ABS is servicing at international airports with high capacity like Frankfurt, London, New York. Mostly they are located at the entrance of the terminal.
  • Passengers who has detected a damage from his baggage; firstly they have to apply to the ground service and take a formal letter.
  • Passengers can find easily ABS servicing point with the help of the signs at the terminal and visional.
  • According to the agreement between ABS and Airline, ABS will repair or change the damaged baggage.